Congratulations! Kerke New PVB Film Sheet Extrusion Line Is Coming

Posted by Andy

In 10th,09.2017, Kerke new PVB film sheet extrusion line was successfully completed commissioning, will be sent to the Customer factory debugging and installation in the near future.

PVB film is a translucent film, the polyvinyl acetal resin by plasticizer plasticized extrusion molding of a polymer material. The appearance is translucent film, no impurities, surface formation, there is a certain degree of roughness and good softness, the inorganic glass has a good adhesion, transparent, heat, cold, moisture resistance, mechanical strength and high characteristics, is the world’s current manufacturing mezzanine, safety glass for the best bonding materials. PVB laminated glass is widely used in construction, automobile, photovoltaic and other industries such as building curtain wall, tent, window, bank counter, prison visitation window, steelmaking furnace screen and all kinds of bulletproof glass, because of its many functions, such as safety, insulation, noise control and isolation of ultraviolet rays. PVB films produced by special formulations are also widely used in aerospace, military and High-tech industries, such as aircraft, aerospace, military instruments, solar cells and solar receivers.

Testing Video: PVB Sheet Extrusion Line

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