PET bottle flakes recycling machine line,keep IV 95%

Due to the Chinese government banning the import of waste flakes, the gap of domestic PET bottle flakes has become larger, while foreign PET bottle flakes suppliers have also lost China’s huge market.

Bottle flakes can only become pellets to import and export, so domestic and foreign customers increased demand for recycling granulation line.

In order to meet the needs of the market and customer requirements, we continue to carry out technological innovation, research and improve the production line.

PET recovery requirements are relatively high, pellets color, transparency, viscosity are the key points.PET recycling must use twin-screw extruder to maintain the maximum PET properties.

During the production, you need to pay attention to control the temperature of each temperature zone, the temperature is too high or too low will affect the quality of the pellets. Control of the bottle of water and control the mixing process of water can effectively maintain the viscosity of PET.PET viscosity can be maintained at 95% or more, fully guarantee the quality of pellets!

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