How to get better PET granules with higher IV ?

How to get better PET granules with higher IV ?


At present, PET products are mostly disposable consumer goods, followed by a large number of waste PET materials. The recycling of waste pet beverage bottles can not only reduce the environmental pollution, but also can be recycled into the treasure and obtain great economic benefits. With the popularization of PET and other packaging products, the technology of PET recovery and reprocessing appears. At present, PET packaging consumption of continuous, rapid growth, but also the urgent need to increase the PET waste recovery and utilization, PET materials recycling technology has been innovative.


What is the application of recycled PET material?

The recycled PET can be used for chemical fiber textile raw materials, PET sheet materials, plastic injection molding materials, etc.


One important point,how to improve the IV of PET?

If you use PET flakes directly for the chemical fiber textile, you don’t need to worry about the IV of PET. But if you need granulate the PET flakes, then sell them into China, you should pay more attention on improving the IV of PET.


  1. Dry the PET flakes completely. The moisture of the PET flakes must be lower than 3%, if it is higher, dry it.
  2. We think twin screw extruder is the most suitable production machine for PET Pelletizing. And suitable heating temperature, screw speed, vacuum degassing, length and diameter ratio, and screw design are very important. China Kerke make more than 7 sets machines for PET flakes pelletizing every month now, we are the top 1 now. We use KTE-75B twin screw extruder, always get the PET granules with higher IV, they are always higher than 0.6, and IV reduce about 5% only. The capacity of KTE-75B machine is 400~450kg/h, also much higher than others. 
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