How to produce PVC cable granules?

In PVC formulations, the cable is a higher demanding variety
In particular, the insulation performance and low temperature resistance of the cable and the aging performance have certain requirements.

First, the Formular design

1. resin,
Advanced Cable XS-1 Resin
General cable XS-2 resin
Requirements: Resin less impurities, less particles
2.Plasticizers have an impact on the electrical insulation and heat resistance of the cable.
Select plasticizers with smaller acid values, higher flash points, and higher molecular weights.
For example: DOP&DBP , DOA&DOS

3. Stabilizer
Tribasic lead sulphate, bisalkaline lead phosphite both heat and light stability, high-temperature cables need to use dibasic lead phthalate

4. The powdery auxiliary must be ground into a slurry

materials                                               Quanlity
PVC                                                              100
DOP                                                           30-60
Epoxy soybean oil                                  2-3
TAS-3A                                                      1-1.2
Light calcium carbonate                    10-20
stabilizer                                                 3.5-4.5
Pigment paste                                      suitable

Second, kerke two stage extruder machine line

1. Hot-cold mixer , mixing all materials
2. Screw loader transport materials
3. Kerke two stage extruder machine line
4. The end PVC pellets.

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