Plastic Extruder Tips 2: Twin Screw Extruder Component Introduction

Twin Screw Extruder Component Introduction

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Electric Control Cabinet:

  1. Inverter: Extruder main motor and feeder motor rotation speed control,  DELTA, YASKAWA, ABB, SIEMENS brand;
  2. General Breaker: Control the power supply to the whole machine and the electric cabinet, can adopt CHNT, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand;
  3. Air Switch: Motor power supply for the feeder, pump, pelletizer etc, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand;
  4. Air Switch: Power supply for the transformer, including overload alarm, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand;
  5. Fuse: Current overload protection, CHNT brand;
  6. Air Switch: Power supply for barrel heater, including overload alarm. SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand;
  7. Contactor: Control feeder, pelletizer etc. working, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand;
  8. PLC: Machine running program control, connected each electric component and touch screen, operating extruder on the screen by the program, SIEMENS, DELTA brand;
  9. Relay: Signals for the inverter, OMRON brand;
  10. Temperature Control: Automatic control extruder barrel heating and cooling, heating temperature adjust, OMRON brand;
  11. Solid State Relay: According to the signal from Omron meter to control heater working; CLION brand;
  12. Transformer: Conversion voltage.

Main Extruder Preview:

1.Motor: SIEMENS(AC)/XIANFENG(DC). Power supply for the gearbox.

2.Coupling: VMTT(Option). Connect the motor and gearbox. By Limiting the max torque to protect the motor and gearbox.

3.Gearbox: A/B(high torque)/D(high torque,high speed) type gearbox. SHELL medium extreme / heavy-pole pressure Industrial gear oil(L-CK220/L-CK320). Every 6 month(first time 3 month) replace gear oil.

A: Speed<500RPM, T/A3<6

B: Speed<600RPM, 7<T/A3<9

D: 600RPM<Speed<900RPM, 11<T/A3<13

4.Metering Feeder: Twin screw metering feeder suitable for pellets/powder material. Single screw metering feeder suitable for flake material.

5.Spline Sleeve: Connect the extruder screw and gearbox.

6.Barrel: Modular structure, made of #45 steel matrix (Bimetallic bushing α101). Each barrel has a separate waterway for the barrel cooling.

7.Heater: Cast Aluminum/Copper heater. Cast copper heating fast, the max temperature can reach 600 degrees. Cast aluminum can reach 400 degrees.

8.Screw: Segmented type, Screw shaft is made of 40CrNiMoA, screw elements are made of W6Mo5Cr4V2, including conveying unit and kneading unit.

9.Barrel Cooling: JORC solenoid valve, Connect with cycle soft water tank, full copper inlet, an outlet pipe.

10.Thermocouple: Detect the barrel temperature and the feedback signal to Omron temperature control system.

11.Vacuum Degassing: Removal of exhaust gas and steam in the extruder by vacuum negative pressure.

12.Screen Exchanger: Extruder filter system, the HENENG pressure detector. When the pressure reaches the set value, changing the screen by hydraulic.

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