The Queen of England promulgated the “plastic ban”, degradable plastic products popular

After seeing a documentary, the queen of the United Kingdom had a personal interest in solving the rubbish problem. And prohibit the use of industrial plastic products!
At the same time, the EU plans to make all plastics in continental Europe recyclable by 2030.

In fact, our lives are inseparable from plastics, and the plastic waste generated by our lives cannot be recycled, causing a heavy burden on our living planet. Therefore, the problem of plastic pollution should be valued by our global people!

How to solve it?

Recently, many countries have advocated degradable plastics. I think this is a program that benefits both life and the environment!
So how to make plastic degradable pellets becomes very important!
Production steps: Formula + Nanjing Kerke Twin Screw Granulator line

Formula snack box production:
Potato starch 85%
Cellulose 8%
glycerin 7%

Granulation machine:

High speed mixer + screw loader + twin screw extruder + pelletizing auxiliary machine = The end degradable pellets

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