Why the barrel can not be cooled?

During the production, you may be meet many little problems , such as barrel can not be cooled.

Barrel can not be cooled have two case :

The first case : every zone all can not be cooled!
You should check whether your water is cooling water . If the chiller don’t work ,water can not be cooled , the temperature of machine barrel with be higher and higher.
If water is cooling , but barrel also in high temperature.You should check the solenoid valve work or not .If the solenoid Valve are broken, change them and check again.

The second case: just one or two barrel can not be cooled

Also check the solenoid valve first, if working well, may be your barrel water channel is blocked. Just check , if barrel have blocked ,replace them .
When your water not clean, it will make the barrel blocked easily. So the water must be soft water.

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