The formula and ways of making PVC color masterbatch

The raw materials and formula

PVC                                                        100
DOP                                                       20-100
ESPO                                                     3-5
Composite stabilizer                          4-5
BM-1                                                      3-4
Lubricant                                             0.5-1

Processing steps:

1. please put all raw materials into high speed mixer.The high speed mixer missing the materials,then materials will be refined and dispersed.

2. Put the mixed materials into twin screw extruder,twin screw extruder melt and compouding all materials then extrusion and cutting materials into pellets
3. The extruder have ten temperature zone control, first zone temperature should be 100℃ , the second zone to the fifth zone should be 100℃ ,another five zone should be 160℃-165℃ 。 Current control between 24 A and 25 A .

4. The end PVC color masterbatch meet the following requirements :

-Uniform appearance of pellets, shiny
-Coloring intensity reaches: 95%-105%
-Resistance to migration is not less than level 4
-Good decomposition and fluidity
-Does not affect or basically do not reduce the performance of PVC binders

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