Do you know the Flame retardant masterbatch formula ?

Flame retardant masterbatch composition
1. Carriers:LDPE,HDPE, PP, CPE, EVA, SBS, ACR . Proportion:5%
2. Flame Retardants C12Br10O, TBBPA, Sb2O3, MoO2 . Proportion:50%
3. Heat Stabilizers: Organometallic compounds . Proportion:3%-5%

For Example :

1. PP flame retardant masterbatch formula :
LLDPE/PP 35%-45%
HBCD 50%-60%
ED3 6%-7%
PE wax 2%-3%

2. EVA flame retardant masterbatch formula:
EVA 15%-25%
TBBPA 20%-25%
C12Br10O 20%-25%
Sb2O3 20%-25%
EBS 2%

Processing machine and steps:

Machine using : Kerke Twin screw extruder line

1. Using the high speed mixer to mixing all materials
2. Putting them into twin screw extruder compounding and extrusion
3. Extruding the noodles ,then water cooling noodles
4. Pelletizer cutting noodles into pellets/granules
5. Cyclone blowing granules into the silo
6. Packing them into a packet of 25kg/bag

If you are interested to know more details of Kerke twin screw extruder line and flame retardant masterbatch ,
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