Let you know more about black masterbatch

Every one who working in plastic filed know the black masterbatch, and most of them use it while plastic products production. For coloring, anti-aging, conductive products and so on.

But we will meet kinds of problems during using the black masterbatch. Now we share you the 9 points of black masterbathc helpful.

1. Composition of black masterbatch?

Carbon black, carrier, lubricant and wetting additives, dispersant, other additives.

2.The carrier of carbon black?

Normally the plastic products decide the carrier. For example, PS products use PS as the carrier of carbon black, PP is the carrier of carbon black for PS products.

But most of black masterbatch manufacturer use LDPE as the carrier of carbon black. Because LDPE has the best carrying capacity, and processing performance. Otherwise, the other carrier HDPE LLDPE can make black masterbatch with lower carbon black filler only. For PP plastic products, you can consider the black masterbatch with HDPE and LDPE as the carrier only.

3.Why carbon black need the lubricant and wetting additives?

Carbon black’s specific gravity is about 2g/cm, because the carbon black particle size is very small, the performance density is very small same, appears fluffy, seems very light. To process carbon black, you must make the carbon black wet and smooth. The choice of lubricant and wetting additives is very important. In order to reduce cost, many companies using white oil or paraffin products, which will affect the strength of products seriously.

4.What dispersant will be used on carbon black masterbatch?

There are two types dispersant, organic and inorganic. The high-grade black masterbatch uses organic dispersant, which are mainly used for plastic products with high standard on environmental requirements, such as drip irrigation products. Low-grade black masterbatch uses inorganic dispersant, commonly use calcium carbonate.

Same 25kg black masterbatch one bag, only half of the bag must be made with inorganic dispersant; full bag of black masterbatch is made with organic dispersants. It can reduce much cost to make black masterbatch with inorganic dispersant, but it is very fatal that calcium carbonate has the effect of accelerating the aging of plastic products.

5.Does black masterbatch need the processing additives?

Of course. It needs make a good choice on antioxidants, internal lubricants, external lubricants, modifiers and antistatic additives.

6.Two ways most popular to make black masterbatch.

First one: Twin screw compounding extruder line. The production line contains: high speed mixer, twin screw extruder as the first stage compounding machine, single screw extruder as the second stage extrusion machine, force side feeder, water ring die face cutting system or underwater cutting system, package system. It is suitable for carbon filler lower than 10~35%, lower budget, less dust with side feeder, continuous production. It is suitable for middle grade black masterbatch production and new manufacture of black masterbatch.

Video link: https://youtu.be/GzJnmz7zlGo

Second one: Kneader and single screw extruder line. The production line contains: kneader, conveyor, conical force feeder, single screw extruder, water ring die face cutting system or underwater cutting system, package system. It is suitable for carbon black filler 10~50%., higher budget, less dust than first way, better compounding of carbon black, higher grade black masterbatch production. It is suitable for the manufacture with goal on high grade market.

Video link: https://youtu.be/EPPkPOqoOco


7.Does the processing method have effect on masterbatch?

Yes, it does. The kneader and single screw extruder line will improve the carrying capacity of carrier on carbon black, and the carbon black will enter the carrier more average. The kneading of kneader will be exerted better, crushing of agglomerated particles, and the agglomeration of the carbon black particles will be reduced more. And the particle size and distribution of the carbon black in the masterbatch are average.

8.Outstanding performance of black masterbatch?

About the plastic coloring, the products will be black deeply within 0.6~0.8% black masterbatch, it won’t be black more with more black masterbatch.

According to test data, the plastic products used in outdoor, the life will be more than 10 years if they use good grade black masterbatch to prevent aging(not the carrier used by recycle material, added white oil, caco3), carbon black in the product content is about 2-2.5%, that is: per 100 kilograms of raw materials, there are 5-6 parts by weight (carbon black), 40% of the masterbatch.

This is why drip irrigation products, water transportation products, and communication cable products are all black. In addition, carbon black has a special contribution to the increase in product strength, conductivity enhancement and so on.

9.How to judge the quality of black masterbatch?

Good black masterbatch has good luster and hardness. If it is too bright, it means that the oil is added too much, and the dull gloss means that the carrier is recycled material or the calcium carbonate is added too much. Good quality black masterbatch is soft with crisp by teeth bite.

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