What plastic products mean to us ?

Plastic = resin + additives+extruder=plastic pellets/granules
People mixing the resin and additives through the KERKE twin screw extruder ,extruder extrusion the lines and cutting them into granuels , then making them to become many plastic products.

Platic application are widely.
1.Packaging Products are made by plastics.
*Film Products (Packaging film, shrinking film, anti-rust film, self-adhesive film……….)
*Bottle Products(Oil,milk,wine,water,cosmetic,madicine……. )
*Box Products (Food box,hardware box and crafts box)
*Cup Products (Disposable water and milk cup )
*Bag Products (Hand bags and woven bags)

2.Agricultural products
* Greenhouse film, seedling plate, irrigation pipe, sprayer…..

3.Insulation Materials:
* Cable, junction box, switch, relay….

4.Optical materials:
* Optical lens material, optical fiber, optical disc material

5.Some plastic product in our daily life
* Pots,pail, plates, chairs, silk………
* Pen, ruler, clip, ball, racket……..
* Soles, people looking for leather, clothes, hats…….
* Bowl, fork, spoon, cutting board, lighter…….

6.Medical products:
* Artificial bone, trachea, blood vessels, skin, teeth, syringes, blood vessels……

7.Auto parts materials
* Dashboard bumper, steering wheel, seat, tubing, frame, lampshade…….

8.Building using product
* Water pipe , infusion tube,doors, windows, furniture, ceilings, partition boards, carpets, wallpaper…..


If you are interested in how to produce plastic pellets and make them into plastic products , please contact shelley: kerkeextruder@yahoo.com

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