Formulation Design of EVA Foam Masterbatch

The advantages of EVA foam plastic:
1. Softness, good toughness, low temperature resistance (-58°)
2. Relatively low density, suction load, heat insulation, sound insulation
3. Heat sealing, adhesion, gloss, deep processing are good
4 ozone resistance, non-toxic, good dyeability

EVA Application:
Sole, upper, packaging materials and daily necessities

EVA material selection:
Resin: Use EVA with VA 20%, melt flow index 6g/10 min
Foaming agent: AC
Helper foaming agent: ZnO
Crosslinking agent: DCP
Cross-linking agent: DVB
Activator: tribasic lead sulfate

EVA recipe design example:

1. EVA Foaming Formula:
EVA 100
AC 5.5
Tribasic lead sulfate 1
DCP 0.8-1.2

2. EVA crosslinking foaming formula
EVA (VA is 14%) 100
AC 11
ZnO 1.1
DCP 0.5
Tribasic lead sulfate 0.5
Hst 1

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