How to solve gearbox problems ?

Gears are abnormal and vibration is too large:
The possible reason:
1. gear assembly meshing clearance overrun or pitting off serious
2. Axial channeling is too large
3. The horizontal and parallel degrees of each axis deviation is too large
4. The bearing gap is too large
5. Loosen button
6. Gear wear is too large

The soluttion:
1. Adjust the gear meshing gap, limit the load, replace the oil
2. Adjust the channeling
3. Re-adjust the level of the axis and parallelism
4. Adjust the bearing pad gap or replace it
5. Fasten key or replace key
6. Repair or replace gears

Gear wear too fast:
The possible reasons and solution:
1. The assembly is not good and the gears are not well engaged (Adjust the assembly)
2. Poor lubrication or oil (Add lubricating oil)
3. Processing accuracy does not meet the requirements (Proper maintenance)
4. The load is too large or the material is poor (Adjust the load or replace the gears)
5. Fatigue (Repair replacement)

The gear teeth is broken:

1. The gap falls into the metal
2. Sudden heavy load shock or repeated load shocks
3. Poor material or fatigue
1. Check out the replacement gear
2. Take appropriate measures to prevent overload operation
3. Replace gears

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