How to solve twin screw extruder exhaust vent belch materials?

During the twin screw extruder working, sometimes there are materials belch from the exhaust vent, what is the reason?
There are the following reasons and solutions:

1, The twin screw extruder head temperature is low, the head pressure is too large.The material can not be extruded timely.
Solution: you should adjust the head temperature.

2, Material melting refers to too low, poor mobility.
Solution: adding some additives to improve the melt.

3, The screw combination of a problem. Exhaust pressure is not enough before the exhaust.
Solution : you can adjust the combination of screw,let transport screw in the exhaust vent.

4, Feeder feed the material too fast.
Solution: please adjut the speed of feed material , keep material feed smooth.

5, The material has a large number of low boiling point of the material, such as water content.
Solution :You need to use dryer to dry the material before processing .

6, The temperature set unreasonable, expected to have no plastic plastic vent.
Solution: please improving the barrel temperature to make the material melting.

7, screen plug more, resulting in head pressure rise.
Solution: Using hydraulic screen changer , screen change time is 2-3S,reduce the screen blocking material .


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