Formula of PA Engineering Plastic Granules

PA Engineering plastic is used in automotive parts and interiors widely.

Common fillers for engineering plastics: mica, talc, wollastonite, glass beads, rare earths and alkali metals
When 20% of mica is added to PA6, the tensile strength is increased by 20%, and the bending strength and heat distortion temperature are significantly improved.
Adding Rare earth naphthenates to MCPA, the wear resistance is more than doubled, and the heat resistance is increased by 13°C. Increased tensile strength by 70%.

The specific formula is as follows:

1. PA6+ glass beads formula
PA6, 85%
Glass beads, 15%
Impact strength: 8.2kJ/m2. Tensile strength: 97MPa

2. Bastnasite rare earth PA6 formula
PA6, 85%
Bastnasite rare earth rare earth ,15%
Related properties: impact strength 8.5kJ/m2, tensile strength 100MPa

3. Mica fills PA66 formula
PA66 ,60%
Mica ,40%
EBS ,0.5%

4. Talc filling, toughening PA6 formula
PA6 ,75%
Talc ,5%
(PP+POE)-g-MAH ,20%

5. PA66 filling, toughening, enhanced formula
PA66,  60%
(PP+POE)-g-MAH ,10%
GF , 20%
Mica , 10%

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