Polymer 1: Seven application of nylon modified material

Polymer 1: Seven application of nylon modified material

A. Physical characteristics of nylon modified material:

Excellent mechanical properties:

High mechanical strength, good toughness.

Excellent self-lubrication, wear resistance: low friction coefficient, long service life as a transmission component.

Excellent heat resistance: PA66 has a high heat distortion temperature and can be used at 150℃  for a long time. The heat distortion temperature will be above 250℃ if PA66 is reinforced with glass fiber.

Excellent electrical insulation: Its high volume resistance and high withstand voltage make it an excellent electrical insulation material.

B. Classic application of Nylon:

The development of Nylon has been 80 years, it is the material with biggest capacity, most varieties, most widely used range of five plastic material. The consumption of Nylon material is more than 20 million tons. Widely used in medical, aviation, power equipment, machinery and equipment, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, digital products, textile equipment, daily necessities, construction equipment, toys, etc.

The modified nylon material can be processed into a variety of products, become an indispensable structural material in various industries , because of the excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties of, good dimensional stability, good thermal stability, good wear resistance, high strength, oil-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, weathering, feel skin, anti-fatigue, at the same time flame-retardant effect superior, simple processing technology.

1.Medical field

Nylon materials have the mechanical strength and skin-friendly feel that ordinary materials do not have, while medical equipment foot sagging appliances, rehabilitation wheelchairs, and medical care beds usually require components with a certain load-bearing capacity, so PA66+15% GF is generally chosen.

2. Car accessories

Automotive PA66 + GF materials can be used in engine intake pipes, hoods, automotive chassis, engine fan blades, automotive air conditioner evaporator condensers, etc.

Start the intake pipe PA66 + 30% GF and PPS + 30% GF, long-term temperature resistance 140 ° C over 2000 hours.

Automotive chassis fenders, engine fan blades PA66 + PA + 30% GF, require excellent toughness and strength, as well as low deformation and dimensional stability.

Automotive air conditioning evaporator PA66 + 15% GF + 10 talc requires good warpage, long-term heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high dimensional stability, high strength and toughness.

3. Electronic Accessories various connectors

This is the application field of halogen-free flame retardant PA66+35% GF, PA66+35% GF on various electronic connectors. Electronic connectors require high flow, dimensional stability, good electrical performance, and some require flame retardant properties. Only modified materials can be completely replaced.

4. Various high power fan blades and impellers

High steel strength, high toughness, low warpage, creep resistance, hydrolysis resistant PA66 + 30% GF material.

5. Various precision gears

High steel strength, dimensionally stable, noise-reducing, wear-resistant, quiet, lubricated, antistatic PA66 + 20% GF smooth material.

6. Tableware

High temperature resistance, food grade, high fluidity, enhanced, PA66+30% GF.

7. Toy field

Toy Butt, unmanned aerial vehicle propeller, motor bracket toys generally use high-strength modified plastic, PA66+30%GF, pa66+30% carbon fiber.


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