Twin screw extruder Introduction

1. Structure:
Motor, gearbox, screw, barrel, feeder, heating and cooling system, vacuum exhaust system

–Motor for driving the gearbox , the gearbox connect the screw , then the screw runing .
–Different screw elements combination of screw will suitable different materials , so the screw combination is very important.
–The feeder mainly to feed the materials in the twin screw extruder . Twin screw feeder can feed powder and pellets , single screw extruder can feeder pellets or flakes.
–Heating and cooling systems are connect with barrel , they control the temperature of barrel . Different zone have different temperature to help materials melt and compounding.
–Vacuum system manil to provent the bubble in the pellets.


2. The toothing of the screw of the twin-screw extruder

C. Complete toothing (A=r+R)
A. Non-toothed (A≥2R)
B. Partial toothing (r+R≤A≤2R)

Only complete toothing can be the biggest utility of twin screw extruder

3. Application range of twin-screw extruder:

Polymer reactive extrusion: PU PA POM PMMA is formed into a profile, monofilament. TPV products.
Compounding , filler and modified:PC+ABS , PA+glass fiber , PP/PE+ Caco3 /TiO2/TacL ,Color masterbatch ,PVC ,TPU,EVA………..
Waste materials reycycling : bottle flakes , film scrap , close scrap ,hard flakes ………….
Molding product:pipe ,sheet mold.


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