twin-screw extruders emergency stop steps:

There are two main treatment methods for twin-screw extruders during emergency stop: normal parking and emergency parking. The main steps are as follows:
Normal stop. When the extruder is nomal stop, it can be stopped in the following steps:
1.Adjust the feeder speed to zero and press the stop switch button;
2.Close the vacuum system and gradually reduce the screw speed
(if you need to change the new material, you should drain the remaining material in the barrel as much as possible, and wait until the material is basically empty).
3.After the main engine speed is adjusted to zero, press the main motor stop button. ;
4. Cut off the multi-power switch on the main control cabinet and cut off the main power switch.
5.Close each inlet valve;
6.Clean the machine.

Emergency stop. In the event of an emergency in the operation of a large twin-screw extruder,
1.The emergency stop button should be pressed immediately (or when the stop button of the faulty part is pressed, the host will generally be shut down).
2. After the emergency stop, remember to immediately adjust the speed control knob of the main motor and feed motor to zero position.
3. Then shut down other auxiliary systems.
4. After the fault is processed, restart the drive according to the normal driving sequence.

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