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Polymer 1: Seven application of nylon modified material

Polymer 1: Seven application of nylon modified material A. Physical characteristics of nylon modified material: Excellent mechanical properties: High mechanical strength, good toughness. Excellent self-lubrication, wear resistance: low friction coefficient, long service life as a transmission component. Excellent heat resistance: PA66 has a high heat distortion temperature and can be […]

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Twin screw extruder Introduction

1. Structure: Motor, gearbox, screw, barrel, feeder, heating and cooling system, vacuum exhaust system –Motor for driving the gearbox , the gearbox connect the screw , then the screw runing . –Different screw elements combination of screw will suitable different materials , so the screw combination is very important. –The […]

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Formulation Design of EVA Foam Masterbatch

The advantages of EVA foam plastic: 1. Softness, good toughness, low temperature resistance (-58°) 2. Relatively low density, suction load, heat insulation, sound insulation 3. Heat sealing, adhesion, gloss, deep processing are good 4 ozone resistance, non-toxic, good dyeability EVA Application: Sole, upper, packaging materials and daily necessities EVA material […]

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How to solve gearbox problems ?

Gears are abnormal and vibration is too large: The possible reason: 1. gear assembly meshing clearance overrun or pitting off serious 2. Axial channeling is too large 3. The horizontal and parallel degrees of each axis deviation is too large 4. The bearing gap is too large 5. Loosen button […]

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