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Disadvantages of China twin screw extruder

As the professional manufacturer of twin screw extruder from China, we Kerke also wish customers know more about China twin screw extruder and buy the suitable machine. Most will tell you the advantages of twin screw extruder, but today let’s talk about the disadvantages of twin screw extruder from China. […]

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How To Adjust Screw Combination ?

The screw of the twin-screw extruder is a modular combination. The combination of the entire screw should be selected according to the specific formulation, material characteristics, mixing requirements, and operating conditions. The following example illustrates how to make a screw (barrel) component combination for different usage requirements. First, make sure […]

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twin-screw extruders emergency stop steps:

There are two main treatment methods for twin-screw extruders during emergency stop: normal parking and emergency parking. The main steps are as follows: Normal stop. When the extruder is nomal stop, it can be stopped in the following steps: 1.Adjust the feeder speed to zero and press the stop switch […]

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Formula of PA Engineering Plastic Granules

PA Engineering plastic is used in automotive parts and interiors widely. Common fillers for engineering plastics: mica, talc, wollastonite, glass beads, rare earths and alkali metals When 20% of mica is added to PA6, the tensile strength is increased by 20%, and the bending strength and heat distortion temperature are […]

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