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What plastic products mean to us ?

Plastic = resin + additives+extruder=plastic pellets/granules People mixing the resin and additives through the KERKE twin screw extruder ,extruder extrusion the lines and cutting them into granuels , then making them to become many plastic products. Platic application are widely. 1.Packaging Products are made by plastics. *Film Products (Packaging film, […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 4: The Choice of Plastic Extrusion Pelletizing System

The Choice of Plastic Extrusion Pelleting System Posted by Andy There is total 5 kinds cutting system in the process of plastic extrusion pelletizing: water cooling strand cutting system; air cooling strand cutting system; water ring hot cutting system; air cooling hot cutting system; underwater hot cutting system. We can compare […]

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Single Screw Extruder Component Introduction Posted by Andy Electric component please check here: Twin Screw Extruder Introduction The main extruder is also consist of motor, gearbox, screw, barrel, heater, cooling system etc. 1.For our extruder, the extruder motor normally uses SIEMENS Beide / WN brand. But it has a standard […]

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Twin screw extruder–plastic processing granulation machine

For Example : Twin screw extruder water cooling strands pelletizing line. It is suitable for a variety of materials processing  production line . Here is the drawing of the whole production line: High speed mixer      2. Screw loader       3. Main Feeder     4. Side feeder    […]

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An article to know more about PLA polylatic acid

An article to know more about PLA polylatic acid What is PLA? polylatic acid, abbreviation is PLA. It is a thermoplastic polymer obtained by artificial chemical synthesis of lactic acid produced by bio-fermentation, which has good biocompatibility and biodegradability. English name: polylactide, polylactic acid, PLA. Molecular formula: (C3H4O2)n A single […]

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How to produce PVC cable granules?

In PVC formulations, the cable is a higher demanding variety In particular, the insulation performance and low temperature resistance of the cable and the aging performance have certain requirements. First, the Formular design 1. resin, Advanced Cable XS-1 Resin General cable XS-2 resin Requirements: Resin less impurities, less particles 2.Plasticizers […]

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Common function masterbatch

Common function masterbatch As a professional masterbatch manufacturer,it is very important to know these common function masterbatch helpful for you. 1.Smooth masterbatch PE film production, can adjust the smoothness and adhesion resistance, with good adhesion resistance and smooth performance, does not affect the strength and temperature of the dimensional stability. […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 2: Twin Screw Extruder Component Introduction

Twin Screw Extruder Component Introduction Posted by Andy Electric Control Cabinet: Inverter: Extruder main motor and feeder motor rotation speed control,  DELTA, YASKAWA, ABB, SIEMENS brand; General Breaker: Control the power supply to the whole machine and the electric cabinet, can adopt CHNT, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand; Air Switch: Motor power supply for the feeder, pump, pelletizer etc, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER brand; […]

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