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Why the barrel can not be cooled?

During the production, you may be meet many little problems , such as barrel can not be cooled. Barrel can not be cooled have two case : The first case : every zone all can not be cooled! You should check whether your water is cooling water . If the […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 1: The Common Pelletizing Extruder Classification

The Common Extruder Classification Posted by Andy 1.Single Screw Extruder The single screw extruder is the most common extruder, widely used in plastic pipe extrusion, plastic sheet extrusion, plastic profile extrusion, blow molding machine, injection molding machine, and plastic recycling pelletizing field. Here we just discuss its recycling usage. The […]

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How to get better PET granules with higher IV ?

How to get better PET granules with higher IV ?   At present, PET products are mostly disposable consumer goods, followed by a large number of waste PET materials. The recycling of waste pet beverage bottles can not only reduce the environmental pollution, but also can be recycled into the […]

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Kazakhstan Plastics Exhibition started

Today, the exhibition is beginning. Every friends from all of the world , welcome to visit our booth: Exhibition Hall:ATAKENT EXHIBITION CENTER Exhibition Time: Nov.,29,2017 to Dec.01,2017 (Open time : 10:00 – 18:00) Exhibition Address: 2 Timiryazev str.,Almaty,050057,Republik of Kazakhstan Our Booth :10C203 If you have plan to buy the […]

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PET bottle flakes recycling machine line,keep IV 95%

Due to the Chinese government banning the import of waste flakes, the gap of domestic PET bottle flakes has become larger, while foreign PET bottle flakes suppliers have also lost China’s huge market. Bottle flakes can only become pellets to import and export, so domestic and foreign customers increased demand for […]

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What’s The PVC Compounding Extrusion Process?

Posted by Andy As we know, most of the PVC product was made by rigid PVC or soft PVC. According to the content of plasticizer, PVC plastic is often divided into: No plasticized PVC, plasticizer = 0%. Rigid PVC, plasticizer < 10%. Using for making PVC pipe, profile, plate, sheet […]

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The Ban of Plastic Shopping Bags in Sri Lanka

Posted by Andy COLOMBO, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) — The Sri Lankan government issued a gazette Friday, banning the use and manufacture of polythene products – plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam boxes – with immediate effect. Accordingly, the manufacture of food containers, plates, cups and spoons made from expanded polystyrene has […]

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Congratulations! Kerke New PVB Film Sheet Extrusion Line Is Coming

Posted by Andy In 10th,09.2017, Kerke new PVB film sheet extrusion line was successfully completed commissioning, will be sent to the Customer factory debugging and installation in the near future. PVB film is a translucent film, the polyvinyl acetal resin by plasticizer plasticized extrusion molding of a polymer material. The appearance is […]

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