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Lab twin screw extruder –new materials research preferred models.

Kerke lab KTE-20 twin screw extruder is porpular among universities and research institute both at home and abroad. Why kerke KTE-20 can be so popular? 1.Competitive price 2.Integral design, save more space 3.PLC control cabinet,easy to operate 4.Easy to clean the screw 5.Beautiful appearance 6.Bottom with wheels, easy to move […]

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Significance and Application of Transparent Additives

Significance and Application of Transparent Additives Reprter: Jennifer W About Nanjing Kerke Nanjing Kerke, with representative product as devices and related core components for high polymer enforced mixing, is specialized in modular co-rotating extruding pelletizing development and related craft application during the whole turn key project. Compared with developed country, […]

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Filling Masterbatch Craft and Application

FIILING MASTERBATCH Reporter: Jennifer W e-mail: kerkeextruding@gmail.com So-called plastic masterbatch for easy operation, is the granules or powder fiiled and mixed with resin. Main content of filling masterbatch is the filler, which is mainly applied for PP or PE processing and we also called it PP or PE filling masterbatch. […]

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Screw & Barrel of Twin Screw Extruder

Posted by Andy Extruder screw and barrel is the most important component of Twin Screw Extruder. It directly decided the lifetime of extruder. The screw and barrel of twin screw extruder adopt segmented design. Different combination of barrel decide the extruder L/D; different combination of screw decide the extruder function.  […]

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kerke extrusion

Kerke – Reserved Trade Mark For Extruder

From 1st March,2017. Kerke becomes a reserved trade mark, we stepped into next stage of our internal brand target. Kerke will become time-honored trade mark in twin screw extruder field, you will get better quality extruder and better service from Kerke.  

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Advantages of Underwater Pelletizing System

Why you should choose underwater pelletizing system, maybe you think the underwater pelletizing system is very expensive. But some materials you have to use underwater pelletizing system.  Kerke provides good quality underwater pelletizing system with good price, if you are looking for good underwater pelletizing system at good price. You […]

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Kerke 2017Chinaplas

Meet You at Chinaplas 2017, Guangzhou

Welcome to visit our booth in Guangzhou, All Kerke man will be there waiting for you. We are looking forward to meeting you there ! Save the invitation letter then you can visit our booth

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New Office and Warehouse in Dongguan Guangdong Province

We opened a new office and warehouse in Donguan, Guangdong Province,China aiming to provide better products show and aftersale service. We are approaching to our target: Build an International Brand – Kerke Extrusion – The High Cost-effective Extruder Leader. If you come to attend Chinaplas 2017 in Guangzhou, China. Welcome […]

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