Filler Masterbatch Compound

As our main application, Kerke extruder can process kinds of filler masterbatch from 60% to 95% with good dispersion and higher output

What are the advantages of filler masterbatch?
So, how exactly do plastic firms benefit from filler masterbatch?

  • Product cost decrease: One of the main components of filler masterbatch is CaCO3, which is famous for its rich and high-quality reserves worldwide. This will definitely reduce production costs, stabilize the amount of input materials, and significantly improve the product's competitiveness.
  • Physical properties enhancement: Rigidity and plasticity increase, and shrinkage decreases.
  • Flexible applications: Thanks to the suitable toughness and stable chemical properties, filler masterbatch can be easily cut into small pieces or crushed into powder. It can also be mixed with other plastic resin to create new products with more functionalities.
  • Forming enhancement: Filler masterbatch plays a vital role in adequate heat distribution in blow film or raffia, thus getting rid of bubbles on the plastic surface situations.

Mainly Filler:

  • PP filler: the combination of PP resin, high-quality CaC03 and additives.
  • PE filler: is produced with PE resin, high-quality CaC03 and additives.
  • Transparent filler masterbatch: the mixture of inorganic transparent powder as Ba504 or Na2504 in PP/PE resin and other additives.
  • HD filler: includes polyolefin carrier, CaC03, and other additives.
  • HIPS filler: contains a high portion of pure CaC03 mixed with additives and plastic resin