PVB Film Extrusion Line

PVB Glass Interlayer film is mainly used for making interlayer safety glass and the application of safety glass is also very widely used. In the auto industry, PVB film is the main material for making windshield glass. The PVB Glass Interlayer Film is also used widely in the construction industry because of its characteristics of safety, heat preservation, noise control, and UV radiation isolation. Possible applications of the film include curtain walls, glass walls, furniture, shop windows, and different kinds of bullet-proof glasses.

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You can find some PVB film production line manufacturers in China, but we can provide turnkey solutions for PVB film production lines, we provide from formula to end film and promise if the end film can not meet your requirement, we will refund all your payment and pay extra money (US$20000) to you as compensation.  

The normal thickness of the PVB Glass Interlayer film ranges from 0.38mm to 1.5mm. Its main features include good adhesion to bio-glass, high clarity, good temperature insulation, and anti-shock.

Advantages of PVB Film

  1. Safety: Puncture proof because of the impact-absorbing characteristic of the flexible middle layer
  2. Security: Often used in security glass
  3. Sound insulation: It is very good for sound insulation because of its excellent sound-wave isolation properties
  4. Anti-UV radiation: Keeps the furniture, plastics, and textile from getting faded and aging, for it can absorb above 99% of the UV radiation
  5. Energy saving: It can reduce the transmission of sun-light effectively and is excellent for heat insulation, too
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