PVC Automatic Conveying, Mixing and Dosing System

The PVC additives auto weighing system – We developed this auto weighing system to instead of traditional old manual weighing. It could auto-weigh the additives for the pvc extrusion production, such as, stearic acid, wax, titanium dioxide, whitener, carbon black etc. this auto weighing system could weigh the quantity for one batch usage automatically. This system could avoid the mistake of manual weighing and also keep the workshop clean. This system could auto weigh 5-12 kinds of powder or granules additives. The accuracy is within 10g.

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Why should you choose our PVC mixing and feeding system?

With over 13 years of experience in twin screw extruder manufacturing, we sold many PVC mixing and feeding systems, we know how to design the most suitable mixing, weighing, and feeding system for extruders. 

Advantages of Kerke

1. Using a computer control system of industrial PC combined with PLC, can realize the fully automatic control, stores a plurality of groups of the formula;

2. Adopting America Toledo bellows type measuring sensor and control meter, dynamic stability, accurate measurement, the dynamic accuracy of + 3 per thousand;

3. Airbag-type unique unloading device used, for you to eliminate viscous material "bridging" trouble;

4. The system pressure balance type centralized dedusting system, so that each dust is reduced to a low leak point;

5. Fully enclosed conveying system, two pollution-preventing materials, and environmental pollution;

6. A variety of system combination models, to adapt to various plant conditions.

Reference Layout 

mixing and weighing system