Advantages of Kerke Plastic Sheet Extrusion

  1. One Step: We use a twin screw extruder which can make compounding and sheet extruder in one step, not like the single extruder, you should make compounded granules, then make the sheet
  2. Energy Saving: Because we use a one-step sheet-making process, it can save much energy.
  3. Cost Saving: You can save more money on machine and materials purchasing. 

PVB Film Production Line

You can find some PVB film production line manufacturers in China, but we can provide turnkey solutions for PVB film production lines, we provide from formula to end film and promise if the end film can not meet your requirement, we will refund all your payment and pay extra money (US$20000) to you as compensation.

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PET/R-PET Sheet Production Line

Twin screw extruder has unique merits to the process of polyester resins. Polyester is very vulnerable to thermal decomposition and hydrolyzation. Kerke has launched a newly high-tech, lower-shearing, and low-temperature twin screw extruder for the PET process

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TPU/TPO/EVA Sheet Production Line

Elastomer material sheet extrusion needs a special extruder design, Our Parallel Co-rotating twin screw extruder is designed for TPU/TPO/EVA sheet production with an output capacity from 300kg/h to 1000kg/h

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