Automatic Weighing and Dosing System

Automatic Dosing & Weighing System plays an important role in the highly required application, there are many advantages of the dosing system such as saving labor, and time, control of your formula feeding accurately, etc. We can provide a suitable solution according to your requirement

PVC Automatic Weighing and Mixing System

The PVC additives auto weighing system – We developed this auto weighing system to instead of traditional old manual weighing. It could auto-weigh the additives for the pvc extrusion production, such as, stearic acid, wax, titanium dioxide, whitener, carbon black etc. 

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Gravimetric Feeder (Loss in Weight)

A gravimetric feeder, also known as a loss-in-weight feeder, is a self-calibrating dosing system that doses based on weight in speed. A volumetric feeder, on the other hand, does this based on volume in speed. In gravimetric dosing, the weight of the dosed additive is measured using a load cell that is the foundation of the entire system. Weight is calculated using loss-in-weight technology, which measures the reduced weight while dosing

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