Filler Masterbatch Advantage and Disadvantages

So-called plastic masterbatch for easy operation, is the granules or powder fiiled and mixed with resin. Main content of filling masterbatch is the filler, which is mainly applied for PP or PE processing and we also called it PP or PE filling masterbatch.


Firstly, manufacturers choose filling masterbatch for cutting cost.

Secondly, filling masterbatch can decrease shrinkage ration. For example, since large shrinkage ration performed by PP, dent may appear on the surface of product when producing good with high thickness, which influences the appearance of product.

Thirdly, filling masterbatch can increase the ration. This reason, however, does not approved by consumers, because it another kind of way to cut cost.

Fourthly, filling masterbatch is able to strength hardness. It is common that many factories use talcum filling for strength the hardness with 20% increase.


  1. It may low quality, especially on tenacity.
  2. It increase the ratio of product weight
  3. It change the color of masterbatch, even the transparent masterbatch may decrease the transparency.


Filling masterbatch is composed of 3 parts as resin, fillers and additives. Fillers account for the largest percentage reaching 90%.

Filler: the main filler can be heavy CaCO3,talcum, kaolin calcium powder and other inorganic fillers. Granules diameter and distribution are the important standards. Generally, the smaller diameter is, the better filler effect takes. Besides, filling result is also influenced by distribution. That is to say, since the distribution is more and more difficult with the diameter becoming smaller and smialler, the price will be higher and higher.

Resin: performance and cost of filling masterbatch is depended on resin. According to application, the content of resin can be 10%~20%. Media resin should be compatible with foundation filling resin. From this view, general resin usually use foundation resin. Besides, melting point and liquidity should be considered. Nowadays, PE and PP have been used widely.

Additives: additives can be divided into dispersing agent and surface treating agent. Dispersing agent takes the performance of improving liquidity, which shows benefit on resin distributing. General dispersing agent can be white oil, paraffin, tissuemat, coupling reagent, stearic acid and so on.

Processing Craft

Processing craft and related equipment has been developed with the changing of resin.

Resin for the first generation masterbatch (APP) adopts domestic Processing craft: kneading→open milling→water pelletizing. And the machine can be kneader, open miller and plate pelletizer.

Resin for the second generation masterbatch is LDPE with masterbatch produced called PEP masterbatch. For reaching high need, this craft need sing screw extruder with lage L/D, high mixing capacity and special design.

The third generation masterbatch, PPM masterbatch, uses PP powder as the resin. The result will be better if using mixture of PP and PE as the design. Product can not only guarantee the feature and application scope of PPM, but also can be cut by air cooling face cutting, which improves producing efficiency and cutting raw material cost. It is the best if using twin screw extruder as the processing equipment, which take the performance of continuous producing, stable quality, high producing efficiency, low consumption, low labor intensity and better operation environment.

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