Knowledge of Screw & Barrel

Extruder screw and barrel is the most important component of Twin Screw Extruder. It directly decided the lifetime of extruder.

The screw and barrel of twin screw extruder adopt segmented design. Different combination of barrel decide the extruder L/D; different combination of screw decide the extruder function.

Extruder Barrel:

Extruder barrel is made with bushing and cylinder, bimetallic treatment. Bushing is made of α101, cylinder is made of #45 steel matrix.

Extruder Screw:

Extruder screw is composed of shaft and screw elements.Shaft is made of 40CrNiMoA, elements is made of  W6Mo5Cr4V2.

Screw elements include conveying unit, kneading unit, reverse rotation unit(L) and force feeding unit(SK). Different screw elements combination use for different function material compounding.

Color Masterbatch Screw Element Combination Chart(Reference)

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